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by Friday, November 20, 2015



TFO Website Re-launch




We are more than happy to announce the re-LAUNCH of a brand new The Fashion Obsession web site E-mag edition, redesigned by our newest TFO Partner & Friend, designer Miranda Vidak, and her Creative Studio (mirandavidak.com) in Los Angeles. With her brilliant eye, and an amazing background in graphic and fashion design, it was a perfect match for TFO, to work with such a creative personality and artist, who, we are sure some of you know from her modelling days, or you might also know her as a fashion designer, of her very own brand, Moodytwin.




Miranda Vidak, wearing a look by her fashion brand, Moodytwin


On the other note, what you maybe don’t know a lot about is, a fact that Miranda Vidak has her own creative studio, where she does art, graphic & design projects for various clients. Her projects in L.A., among others, also include web design, coding & developing, blog, or website redesign. You can check her work both at – MirandaVidak.com and moodytwinstudios.com. And we must say how TFO is more than lucky, to have her on board for The Fashion Obsession re-launch, and in charge of our new look, and brand new web site, as well as our brand new “logo”.


TFO logo.NEW-

The Fashion Obsession official logo, designed by Moodytwin Studios


We also want to inform you, how from this upcoming Monday November 23rd, The Fashion Obsession is going to start with our new chapter and officially become a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle E-mag, covering all the stories from around the globe, coming from the just mentioned fields. We are obviously still going to continue and be open for the collaborations with various fashion media outlets, agencies, as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, and do our best to cover and publish most interesting stories and important events happening in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, but also from all over the world. We are more than pleased we can wish you all a warm welcome to our new fashion, beauty & lifestyle online platform and web magazine. As a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TFO, I must mention, TFO’s and mine, collaboration with Grazia magazine International editions, especially with edition of Grazia Slovenia, with whom we have a firm collaboration, and we’ll be launching some new projects soon, but also continue writing, for both of their print and digital editions. We already have some TFO Partners & Friends, that have joined us on our new journey, with some new ones, who are going to be joining us very soon as well. Our official web site language is ENGLISH, but we are already working on two more languages, that we would love to add in the future. We are also working on developing a couple of new fashion projects, that we want to launch in the near future, and start  being a fashion platform, that supports current and future fashion talents and artists, especially the ones who want to work on, or become a part of, the global fashion scene.



mirandavidak.com, moodytwinstudios.com

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