Wedges trend is not OVER

by Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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My dear friend and TFO Fashion Events Photographer, Tina, asked me recently on how I feel about wedges sneakers trend and little did she know, she would inspire me for today’s post on The Fashion Obsession. I started thinking about this and since I am a huge fan of heels in general, of course I don’t wanna see this trend go away, yet. I’ve been doing little research of my own, and as far as we (here at TFO) are concerned and quite a lot of blogs and fashion web sites are too, my dear ladies wedge sneakers trend IS NOT OVER. So I’ve decided to collect, some of my fave wedge sneaker combos, in order to inspire you. I can honestly tell you as well, that I totally agree, how it is all about how you wear them. We invite you therefore, to scroll down the images with some of our fave looks, that I’ve prepared. Plus, if you were thinking of buying new wedge sneakers lately, we all know how sneakers have to be comfortable first (and is not all about how they have to be by Isabel Marant or Giuseppe Zanotti, even though I gotta tell ya how Zanotti’s are my personal faves, but hey, they do come with quite a price tag, so you should also check out Italian brand Ash). On the other note, SHOW ME THE GIRL who doesn’t want to be little more taller, even in her daily outfits. To sum this dilemma du jour and to help my dear friend Tina too 🙂 in my opinion, this trend has been here for couple of seasons now and is here to stay, for at least couple of more  seasons, if not couple of years, for sure.

Wedges trend is not OVER!

wearing-isabel-marant-red-bekett-sneakers 2Bria-MurphyAsh-Wedge-Sneakers 3Selita-Ebanks-BCBG-Blazer-Nike-Sky-High-Wedge-Sneakers 4beyoncenyc-cipriani-isabel-marant-wedge-sneakers- 5tumblr_mej0i8kxRF1rqdl7jo1_1280 6edges 6fd35baa18e5043c2303795de44e23ec 6Jennifer-Lopez-wearing-Michael-Kors-Tartan-Plaid-Fur-Collar-WoolCoat-and-Giuseppe-Zanotti-Wedge-Sneakers-2 8cassie-instagram-nike-revolutionsky-hi-wedge-sneakers 9beyoncnyc-cipriani-isabel-marant-wedge-sneakers 10marieclaire_apr_12 11sneaker wedge how to wear (14) 13sneaker wedge how to wear (18) 14wedge sneakers trend 15jennifer-lopez-creative-artists-agency-pic154575 15sneaker wedge how to wear (11) 16sneaker wedge how to wear (1) 17sneaker wedge how to wear (12) 17tommy-hilfiger-spring-2014-runway-show18letoyaluckettfootballgame 18wedge-sneakers-trend-2013 19wedges1


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