The new Sisley website & new Sisleystories Campaign

by Monday, February 16, 2015

Milan-born rapper, Fedez & girlfriend, Giulia Valentina for Sisley SS 2015 campaign

Together with the launch of the new Sisleystories campaign featuring Fedez, Sisley has launched a new and revamped look of web site, for the occasion. The new site features high-impact graphics and a black background, reflecting the brand’s rock & glam soul, with arty touches of red and white. Appealing photos and full user participation, keeps them informed with news about fashion and trends and an updated calendar of all the exclusive events at Sisley boutiques. Since every user has their own “soul” and their own device, introduces an integrated responsive design web app that recognizes whether they are accessing from a tablet, smartphone or laptop, adapting images to screen size to optimize content display and usability of online operations. From the store to the website, from Facebook to tumblr, from campaigns to tweets, from apps to the e-shop, everything at Sisley speaks the same language. Because wherever you are, experiencing the Sisley world should be cool and relaxed.


The latest SISLEYSTORIES has been created in Milan by Factory 27, the campaign was shot by American photographer, Wayne Maser, keen-eyed portraitist with an essential style and a love for black and white. His immense portfolio includes the names of Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Clint Eastwood to name a few. Fedez, (stage name of Federico Leonardo Lucia) musician, producer and artist with an inquiring mind, is without doubt Italy’s media personality of the year. For his first ever ad campaign Fedez is tasked by Sisley as the voice and interpreter for the brand. Fedez is the person on everybody’s lips whether he’s on the TV, in the press, online or on the radio people can’t get enough. Covered in tattoos, with penetrating eyes and full lips, Fedez has a unique style – urban, fast-moving and rebellious. He knows how to be ironic and irreverent without pushing the boundaries. Featuring with him in the campaign is his girlfriend, Giulia Valentina, sexy, rock and feminine. The campaign is full of references to its male star as a musician and entertainer, with amicably provocative questions, fully in keeping with Sisley’s core values – sensual and modern.

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The SS 2015 campaign will appear in magazines, daily newspapers, on the web and on billboards from the mid February on, together with intense activity on the social networks. Sisleystories will then continue in Sisley’s Milan, Rome and Florence flagship stores. From March 25th if you visit Milan,  you will be able to meet up with Fedez, who will be the main attraction at a lot of exclusive in-store events.




Benetton Agency Trieste


Fedez Giulia Valentina


Wayne Maser

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