Shoe Dilemma

by Monday, November 23, 2015

Soft pastel pumps vs. statement grey booties

It is a real struggle out there, for all the ladies around the world. And we all know, how you can never have enough shoes. Right here on TFO Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle E-mag, we’ll stay true to our fave topic, and that is of course “SHOES”. Having to choose between these soft pastel pumps and statement cut out sandal booties, it has most certainly left us with a real shoe dilemma. After all, it all depends on, for which occasion you need the shoes. Both of these styles are absolutely stunning, but we are leaving it up to you to decide, which one of these two styles do you prefer. Feel free to leave your comments below. As you already know, we love hearing from you!


                                                          Grey statement cut out booties                                             


                                       Soft pastel & patent leather pointy Louboutin pumps                                         



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