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by Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Alana Zimmer by Liz Collins for Harper’s Bazaar UK March Edition

Even though today is the beginning of yet another Fashion Week, more precisely Paris Fashion Week, as promised WE ARE BACK ON OUR WEB SITE. And on this beautiful sunny day, it is a perfect time to start thinking of Spring trends and what you will be wearing in next months to come –  one things is certain, we are going to be wearing whole lot of PRINTS, PRINTS and PRINTS. We’ve found this gorge editorial for Harper’s Bazaar UK March edition, that you just gotta see. So make sure to check out all the editorial looks presented below and most of all BE INSIPRED and maybe even borrow some of the stylings, that most appeal to you!

Prints CharmingHarper’s Bazaar UK March 2014

1Alana-Zimmer-Bazaar-UK-Liz-Collins-04 2Alana-Zimmer-Bazaar-UK-Liz-Collins-05 3Harper_27s_Bazaar_UK_2014_03.bak (dragged) 57 4Alana-Zimmer-Bazaar-UK-Liz-Collins-06 5Harper_27s_Bazaar_UK_2014_03.bak (dragged) 54 6Harper_27s_Bazaar_UK_2014_03.bak (dragged) 48 7Harper_27s_Bazaar_UK_2014_03.bak (dragged) 53 8Harper_27s_Bazaar_UK_2014_03.bak (dragged) 59 9Harper_27s_Bazaar_UK_2014_03.bak (dragged) 50 10Alana-Zimmer-Bazaar-UK-Liz-Collins-03 11Harper_27s_Bazaar_UK_2014_03.bak (dragged) 55 12Harper_27s_Bazaar_UK_2014_03.bak (dragged) 56 13Harper_27s_Bazaar_UK_2014_03.bak (dragged) 58

Alana Zimmer for Harper’s Bazaar UK  March 2014 – COVER 

Alana with her main Co-Star GIRAFFE 🙂 – BACKSTAGE via Instagram


Model: Alana Zimmer 
Photographer: Liz Collins 
Styling: Leith Clark 
Hair Style: Seb Bascle 
Make-up: Polly Osmond
MAGAZINE: Harper’s Bazaar UK  and Instagram: Alana Zimmer

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