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by Friday, September 23, 2016

Yasmin & Amber Le Bon for Sisley Fall 2016




With fashion and music running through their veins, in equal measure, mother-daughter duo, Yasmin and Amber Le Bon are the newest faces behind the Sisley’s latest Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. It could be the esprit that Yasmin exudes and has passed on to Amber, the refusal to conform to clichés, or simply a matter of DNA, feelings and experiences, but the undeniable fact is, Yasmin and Amber personify today’s women, who have their own concept of age, which is as purely as relative. They are both strong, passionate women, as well as sexy, independent, fascinating and urban – just the perfect match, and even more perfect embodiment of Sisley femininity.


0Sisley-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign02 1Sisley-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign05Yasmin & Amber le Bon suit up for Sisley’s Fall 2016 campaign


Yasmin and Amber are captured against a retro-inspired backdrop, that includes green wallpaper, fluffy white carpet and wood paneling. Two beautiful women confide to each other, talk and look into the camera, with appearance as they were both the same age. The ultra stylish pair is wearing statement pinstriped jackets, spotted prints and casual denim for the new autumn season. And the looks, each one of them is wearing, have a rock and roll flair, with seventies undertones. To complete the magic, Sisley’s latest campaign was shot by the talented, and very well known, as of lately also a film director, Italian fashion photographer, Francesco Carrozzini.


37A7C0A900000578-0-image-a-2_1472404681821Yasmin & Amber Le Bon, new Sisley faces, shot by Francesco Carrozzini



Models Yasmin & Amber Le Bon

Campaign  SISLEY Fall 2016/17

Photography Francesco Carrozzini

PRESS Benetton Agency

 Hashtags #LeBonForSisley #SisleyFashion #Sisley

 Instagram & Snapchat @sisley_fashion

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