Party Season at MANGO

by Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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If you didn’t check your calendar lately, we are here to remind you that – PARTY SEASON IS DEFINITELY ON! And we must also add, how high street brands like MANGO have the perfect solutions for the upcoming PARTY SEASON. So, for their November look book, Spanish brand has chosen Polish top model Patrycja Gardygajlo, whom you must have noticed quite a few times before, since she’s been pretty popular, especially with Italian and Spanish brands in general. We also think, how Patrycja was the perfect choice for the MANGO Winter look book and this time around she has perfectly showcased the looks, that are all about party glam style. We’ve chosen our faves, but the November look book certainly features whole lots of cool black and silver shades, mixed with metallic accents.  Another trend, that everybody seams to love for this season, and of course we do mean the omnipresent plaid, with more of pretty funky and casual prints and lovely denim pieces is paired with  must have of the season, that surely are those comfy winter sweaters and oversized coats. So GET READY, BE INSPIRED and BE PREPARED to maybe even choose your fave piece for the new edition in your wardrobe.

MANGO – November Look Book

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