Anagogik Capsule collection by Silvio Ivkic x Coded Edge

by Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Croatian design


TFO will be showcasing and supporting new and up and coming designers, that in our opinion have the true talent and that we want to introduce to our readers and followers. We have already showed you the work of new Croatian brand, Coded Edge (few times via Facebook page), but this time around we are presenting their latest Capsule Collection campaign. Name of the Capsule collection is Anagogik, and was designed by one of the founders and main designer of the Coded Edge brand, Silvio Ivkic. Even though we are talking about capsule collection, with only few pieces, the collection was presented in Zagreb, Croatia, at Regional fashion designers contest Lift by Perwoll, where Coded Edge, together with another young Croatian designer, Marija Kulusic, won the 1st and main Award, that will allow both designers, to present their complete collections, during Perwoll event in the Fall.



Main face for Coded Edge “Anagogik” Capsule Collection is a Croatian fashion model, Marija Mara Jankovic (Talia Model), who has been successfully building her career, both in Croatia and abroad. Campaign was shot by one of the Coded Edge very own founders, Jure Perisic, who is also a fashion photographer, with Makeup by Petra Sever. “Collection is actually a fusion of  light materials, mixed with elongated lines and combined with flowy pieces, that are functioning in order to make your figure even longer. “Anagogik” literally means “spiritual uplift”, which was the main motif, leading up to the design that was able to present color black as the light color in a way”, and as designer of the collection, Silvio Ivkic, has stated. Limited jewelry pieces were created for Anagogik Capsule Collection and were made out of black Plexiglas pieces, that were placed into some unusual symmetrical shapes. Key piece, in this limited edition jewelry line by Coded Edge, was a special Plexiglas crown, that has already become a  bestseller and most wanted accessory of the summer.





(Images Courtesy of CODED EDGE)

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