Luciano Benetton & Oliviero Toscani Present Fabrica new direction

by Monday, February 5, 2018

Fabrica 24/7×52


“Fabrica Circus 24/7×52is the new project launched at the end of January, by Luciano Benetton, Oliviero Toscani and the whole Fabrica team. They have decided to turn Fabrica into an artistic area space, open to everyone. Area which will then become a place to celebrate imagination, a cultural point of reference to meet international masters and professionals, a kind of Renaissance bottega dell’arte. All of that will stimulate discussion and inspire questions, with the “art of making” at its core.


Luciano Benetton & Oliviero Toscani presenting new Fabrica project


Humanistic culture, communication, food, cinema, art, poetry, journalism, design, spirituality, nature, music, politics, economics, neuroscience, psychology, writing, theater will be the main topics, around which there will be special events during the whole year. “Fabrica Circus 24/7×52” will offer a wide range of events, among them four multidisciplinary seasonal festivals (the first one is scheduled between 23rd–25th March). It well then develop into a continuous cycle of conferences, performances, “confessions”, workshops, concerts, and exhibitions, all of which aim to experiment in modern communication.

New Fabrica 24/7×52 arena for the upcoming events

Noa Jansma, Dutch student, presenting her project @dearcatcallers 





United Colors of Benetton Fabrica

PRESS Benetton Agency Trieste 

Benetton Group 


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