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by Thursday, January 16, 2014


Photo: COURTESY of  Jake Rosenberg for THE COVETEUR

We just couldn’t resist and this totally made my day, so we obviously wanted to share the Coveteur video with you too. And here it is JUST FOR YOU. But before you click on it, here’s a little INTRO. So prestigious Coveteur.com had the chance (oh well, of doing something that would be my very own personal dream to do too) to spend the shoe shopping day with Sarah Jessica Parker. But, this time around, we are talking about SJP who has spend the day with O Magazine’s very own Gayle King and Adam Glassman and they brought this amazing experience to a whole different level.  And  now you have this cool chance to check out the exclusive sneak peek video and see SJP’s first-ever-venture into shoes, but don’t forget there are handbags too! It was actually a proper tour of the collection, showcased at New York City’s Crosby Street Hotel. As you might already know, the collection will exclusively be hitting Nordstrom  (and Nordstrom.com) from February 28th on, as we reported here. While the shoe prices will be ranging from 195 to 485 dollars and bags from 375 dollars and under. And now, drum roll please!


SJP made her very own dream come true – and in SATC, here’s when Carrie scored a dream job



(The Coveteur)

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