I HEART New York

by Monday, October 7, 2013

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It has been a pretty slow Monday for me and on this typical autumn day, with grey skys and the feeling of rain in the air all day long, it just made me daydream about my favorite city on the planet, that can only be – NEW YORK. And it is pretty much like this, how everyone who knows me really well, knows about the special love I have for New York City and hopefully in 2014 I will finally be able to spend some time there, either during the Fashion Week season, or for business purposes little later in the year. So my love affair with New York has pretty much been life long, but the real love affair with this city is hopefully about to happen real soon 🙂 which is only natural for someone who thinks of  herself as being a FULL TIME DREAMER for life. Another cool thing happened just the other day, when I’ve discovered one amazing cover track of Frank Sinatra’s “New York New York” by CAT POWER (check out this amaaziiing artist, ‘coz her voice and her music is beyond beautiful, I promise). So I really wanted to share her video, with all of you too and  before I do so, I’ve discovered some pretty cool tumblr sites dedicated to the old and new New York  and you are gonna love love love the images I’ve selected just for ya’. Than again, how could this “ode to New York”, or “love letter to NYC” if you will, be complete, without one of my fave SATC episodes, appropriately called – I HEART NEW YORK.  So make sure to ch-ch-check out all the uber gorge images and you can watch the videos with me, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN 🙂 but most of all ENJOY!

My love – New York City  

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Cat Power – Live performance New york New York

Sex and The City – I HEART NY



(Tumblr youtube)

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