Homage to Peter Lindbergh

by Sunday, April 13, 2014


Vogue UK January 1990 by Peter Lindbergh with legendary Supermodels

We are currently in the work in progress phase and will hopefully start real soon with our web site makeover, which will be organized much more as a fashion blogazine, than a classic fashion blog. So make sure to STAY TUNED, for the latest updates coming up. On the other note though and for the last couple of months we’ve been pretty busy, and were mostly updating our Facebook page only, but now we are back for our SPECIAL WEEKEND POST in order to make an homage to one of the the world’s most famous and most adored photographers. We are talking about Peter Lindbergh, but one of the main reasons we are making this homage post is the project we’ve been collaborating on, that is Peter Lindbergh Exhibition Images of Women & The Unknown, that has just opened, this past Tuesday at HDLU Gallery in Zagreb Croatia. The exhibition has opened on April 8th, and will be open until May 10th, so if you live, or are in the vicinity of Zagreb, or Croatia in general for that matter, make sure not to miss the wonderful opportunity and see this unique exhibition, that you cannot see anywhere in Europe, for this entire year time. This is also Lindbergh’s first Art exhibition in Europe, since the year 1998, when he held an Exhibition in Vienna, and it is, as we’ve just mentioned earlier, one of the Lindbergh’s only and complete  exhibitions in Europe this year, making it even more special to experience (and you can really trust us upon all the things we’ve been telling you, since we’ve seen the exhibition twice already, and had the amazing experience of getting to know Mr Lindbergh personally as well and we were absolutely charmed by his presence and the talent and easy way that we were able to approach him and talk to him).


Linda Evangelista photographed by Peter Lindbergh for the December issue of Vogue Italia 1989

We are also absolutely sure, how this Zagreb Exhibition marks one of the most important Artistic Events in Croatia, in a long time and we were more than impressed with it all. From the organisation itself, to the production part by PR & Event Planning Zagreb Agency PRiredba Studio, to the amazing Peter Lindbergh, this will certainly be one of those experiences that can never been forgotten and it is one of those times in life, I will certainly remember for many many more years to come. Not to mention, since I’ve been working in fashion for over 12 years now, being asked to be a part of this prestigious event, as an Italian Media PR has been an icing on the cake, for many future projects that are coming up for me  this year. So I’ve prepared my personal selection and only some of my favorite and most memorable Peter Lindbergh images, that he’s taken of the famous ladies and women, that he is loved for and appreciated for by me, but also from all around the globe and I must admit I am pretty proud of the PR postings and publications, that I was able to organize via most important Italian fashion digital and print media, with some new ones that are coming up this week, making it a full circle for me and my work on this project. I hope therefore, you will enjoy the images I’ve chosen for you to admire and feel free to comment, share, or LIKE, that always makes me pretty happy to see  ♥

 Homage to Peter Lindbergh from The Fashion Obsession by Martina Begovich

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(Peter Lindbergh peter.lindbergh.free.fr Pinterest tumblr)


PRiredba STUDIO (especially Ana & Ranko with the team Davor, Mate & Sandra)

Peter Lindbergh with the team it was such an honor to have met you

Tina Borelli Tkalcec my always there, only collaborator/TFO Fashion Events Photographer

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