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Rihanna has teamed up with, now already iconic Dutch fashion photography duoInez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for the latest and very particular editorial, published in the “PICASSO” Winter 2013 issue of the contemporary culture magazine 032c.  In order to portray the 25-year-old pop star, the editorial team has chosen a location of  Broome Street Studio in Lower Manhattan, this past September, where Rih’s stylist Mel Ottenberg did his mix and match magic with the pretty ah-mazing pieces by the likes of Gucci, Lynn Ban and Trash & Vaudeville, to name a few and to showcase Superstar Rihanna’s irreplaceable creative spirit, while he also managed to demonstrate on Rihanna, a perfect  ghetto-goth fabulous style that suits her impeccably. ”Rihanna is just the unfiltered and fiercely productive icon, that every era needs and obsesses about.” – as perfectly quoted by 032c Magazine.  

Rihanna by Inez and Vinoodh for 032c “Picasso” Winter 2013 issue #25

1Rih for O32C 2rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-4 3rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-6 4rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-1 5Rih for O32C 4 6rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-8 7rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-9 8rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-3 9rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-2 10rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-5 11rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-10 12Rih for O32C 2 13rihanna-by-inez-lamsweerde-and-vinoodh-matadin-for-o32c-magazine-7 14Rih for O32C 3

CoverRihanna for 032c  Picasso Winter 2013 issue



(032c Magazine)

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