Daria Werbowy by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Spain July 2013

by Friday, June 21, 2013

Beachy point of view


Ukranian candian top model with most likely one of the most beautiful blue eyes in the fashion biz, of course we didn’t forget the iconic Supermodel Linda Evangelista’s eyes, and who came before Daria and who absolutely deserves the same title, but let’s say from the newer and younger generation of top models, Ms Werbowy has the most unique eye color and eye stare to the camera, that can capture anyone’s attention. Daria is the cover and double editorial star, for the newest July edition of Vogue Spain and the biggest buzz these days though, came right after the new cover was released online. But besides Daria’s gorge eye stare to the camera, the reason for the big buzz was her funky burgundy leather jacket with Daria not wearing anything underneath and even though beach isn’t exactly the right place, where you would wear a leather jacket, she just looks stunning and you actually forget about the fact, if that’s being appropriate or not. First editorial, “Breaking the waves”, has even gotten some harsh criticism for the styling of the shoot, that was done by Belen Antolin, but I’m just lovin’ the color palette, with all shades of blue, turquoise, light pink and green, with that cool touch of using the special shade of purple. The second one, on the contrary. shows off Daria on the beach, mostly in the nude, with one shot where she wears a gorge Burberry dress, while both cover stories were shot by the legendary Patrick Demarchelier.






(Images via fgr and tfp)

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