Buro 24/7 Fashion lecture with Miroslava Duma

by Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fashion Lecture & Panel in honor of Buro247.hr 3rd Birthday 

After attending some fashion lectures in Italy and events within fashion weeks in Milan, it was an absolute pleasure to see how similar event has been organized in Zagreb, Croatia, within “Entrepreneurship Showcase Conference” at Zagreb School for Economy and Management. Special lecture and panel, about the “Future of Fashion in Digital World” was organized this past Tuesday (within the Conference) by the founder of Croatian edition of fashion digital platform Buro 24/7, Mirela Foric Srna. The lecture itself was a part of the Buro247.hr 3rd Birthday celebration and since our TFO E-mag was there as well, we are glad we were able to exchange a question with Miroslava Duma, during the lecture. Our question, that was most likely on everyone’s mind, was how to find the funding when starting a new project in the digital world, especially if you are starting from “scratch” and with “zero budget”. So it was really interesting to hear the story from one of the most successful young digital entrepreneurs in the world, who was initially able to pitch her idea to the right partners and find sufficient amount of funding, in order to get digital fashion platform buro247.ru (that now, after 4 years, counts 10 editions worldwide, including Croatia) up and running. We also know that she comes from pretty impressive professional background, that was certainly helpful in order to succeed. While listening to Mira Duma’s inspirational speech, about her road to success, and seeing 400 guests (mostly girls and women), who were in the audience, we are pretty sure a lot of them are currently dreaming about creating their own businesses in fashion and digital world.


Text  TFO

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LECTURE/PANEL buro247.hr

Images by John Pavlish

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