Bohemian Chic

by Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rhian & Jake – Bohemian Chic Wedding Style

When I decided to start the web site version, of The Fashion Obsession (which originally started just as the Facebook Fashion Page) I NEVER thought I would EVER do any posting about the weddings like EVER EVER, well, unless we are talking about some cool famous wedding fashionista, or a superstar who’s style would have caught my eye. AND THAN – just this morning – I’ve discovered a really cool and pretty special web site, okay okay it is dedicated to weddings, but believe you me, this has nothing to do with the old school bridal magazines or web sites, on the contrary, it does have some amazing pointers, that made me dedicate an entire post to a style, I personally love in every day life as well, and we are talking about BOHEMIAN CHIC. And boy oh boy, it got me thinking, if I would ever consider a bigger wedding style (which I’m not sure it is going to happen, ‘coz I am much more a fan of smaller and intimate gathering, but out of the box kinda weddings too, “read” – > like Vegas weddings). But, coming back to the BOHEMIAN CHIC and the web site I’ve discovered this morning, it is called The Lane – Wedding style Inspiration and I absolutely recommend it, I mean purely for an inspiration if not for some other reason (hint hint – > in case you are gettin married than you JUST GOTTA CHECK IT OUT*). So, while cruising on THE LANE web site, I’ve found this amazing wedding party held in the complete Bohemian style, and I do mean it, like from the location, to the stylings of the bride and the groom and bridesmaids and I MEAAAAAN every single detail was screaming BOHO CHIC. You can understand my enthusiasm therefore, and why I just couldn’t resist to share my discovery with all of y’all. So Ladies, okay and Gents too, sit back, relax and ENJOY!


( The Lane – Wedding Style Inspiration)

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