Benetton Light Cashmere Collection

by Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Who says cashmere should be worn for only one season of the year? There are many misconceptions about style, including the one that we should leave this wonderful material staying on the corners of our wardrobe. And United Colors of Benetton wants to inspire you to rebel from all of these thoughts. Benetton light knits are actually the result of the years of experience in this industry and are surely one of the most proud products, by the world wide successful Italian brand, that people know Benetton is. We are talking here about high quality materials, with a classic twist and elegant designs, recognized as Benetton’s DNA all around the globe. Lightness, color and vibrant appeal, give the customers what they want. While buttoned down cardigans would have delighted even iconic Hollywood star, Audrey Hepburn, if she was holidaying in Capri. And now you have the perfect opportunity, to enrich your wardrobe with all of these amazing Benetton cashmere treasures, for the special prices, which are offered in Benetton Stores, until February 5th. We invite you to scroll down the images, we’ve prepared, before you decide which one you like the most.

Benetton LIGHT CASHMERE – Campaign & Collection 

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Make sure not miss all of the beautiful items, we have mentioned and showed you above, as well as V-neck sweaters, both for him and her and special Benetton take on a new edginess and an energetic youthful spirit, with eye-catching colors, ranging from cobalt blue, grass green and lilac to fuchsia and fiery red. All of these color combos, as well as the contrasting color blocks are ready to be mixed and matched by all of you and all of those who love minimal way of dressing, but that are full of personality too. So, ARE YOU READY TO SHOP? You gottta take your chance now and make sure to visit Benetton E-shop, or a nearest United Colors of Benetton store and choose your fave color and cashmere look you most love. We can’t wait to choose our faves, but we wish you to ENJOY your shopping as soon as possible!

Benetton LIGHT CASHMERE – Special Offer with a lot of color combinations

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(PRESS United Colors of Benetton and CHEMCO Official Benetton Agent)

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