Being fierce in the FALL

by Monday, September 2, 2013

Being Fierce in the Fall

For me Fall is for new beginnings and it’s kinda like a true New year in a way, after a looooong summer break. So my dear “TFO BOYZZ & GALZZ” – FALL STANDS FOR  BEING FIERCE, OKAY ?!?! And in honor of FASHION WEEKS SEASON, that is about to start (hint – > New York Fashion Week starts just in couple of days, on September 5th and lasts until September12th) and while welcoming September as well, we just wanted to inspire you with our MONDAY MOODBOARD. All you need to do is sit back, relax and scroll down to see some ah-mazing moodboard pics, chosen JUST FOR YA!


1fall is for black laces dresses 2_ACTITUDYSL-COLLAGEVINTAGE-4 2ACTITUDYSL-COLLAGEVINTAGE-1 4ACTITUDYSL-COLLAGEVINTAGE-21 5fall look 6smoky eyes 7ACTITUDYSL-COLLAGEVINTAGE-22 8-ACTITUDYSL-COLLAGEVINTAGE-2 9-ACTITUDYSL-COLLAGEVINTAGE-7 10fierce fall 11fall sweaters 12fall is for fun mix 13fedora hats 14good thoughts 15fall is for friends 16vogue 17nyc



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