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by Friday, November 14, 2014


High Heeled originally traditional Peasant Shoe „OPANAK” – Shootacchi 


Shootacchi – moodern twist of a peasant shoe

Here at TFO, we are pleased that we are able to show you quite an unique design of shoes called shootacchi. This is a new product within the Croatian Shoes brand a shoo by Anita Zannotti Stulec collection and it is definitely quite modern take on the traditional women’s shoes. The inspiration was found in the cultural heritage of Croatia, more precisely in women’s festive peasant shoe, known as zutaki, that were typical for Croatian capital, city of Zagreb area, and the surrounded  nearby villages.

One of the main ideas, while creating this new and innovative product, was the will to modernize the Croatian heritage. The new product was also created as a synergy of traditional and contemporary design, that could become a revolutionary change in Croatian heritage. When creating this new design of a traditional shoe, the idea was also to be able and inspire the future generations, who could be motivated and talk about the “shootacchi” in a smilar way, as they are talking now about the original “zutaki” peasant shoes. Besides the shoes, Croatian shoes and accessories designer, Anita Zanotti Stulec, has also designed a shootacchi bag, inspired by the high heel peasant shoes shootacchi.

1shootacchi_shoe_&_bag 2shootacchi 3shootacchi_bag_2 4shootacchi_bez_natpisa


ashoo by Anita Zanotti Stulec  –  PRESS



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