Steal her (snow) style

by Sunday, January 3, 2016

Elle Macpherson knows best “winter” dressing


I wanted to do a spotlight on Elle Machperson’s personal style for a while now. Since I think, she equally does look good on the beach, or in the snow for that matter. Some might think, when you are considered as “The Body” all around the globe, anything would look good on you. Then again it’s not necessarily, or literally so. On the one hand, a lot of (if not all) things look good on you, but that doesn’t mean you are the most stylish person there is. In case of Elle Macpherson though, she certainly is one of the most stylish women (read Supermodels) in the world. But, this time around, I’ve decided to focus on her “winter gear”, ‘coz she really knows how to bring her snow game style. And if you are heading on your winter, or ski holiday, her best winter looks might help you prepare your stylish wardrobe for the slopes (and around them), or help you make that last minute shopping list as well. That is why, I most definitely suggest – you should steal her style.


0e75c6eb2ab9e8bd3068ceea6b646b25Elle Macpherson round and about in Aspen



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