Best of Coachella Festival Style Wknd #1

by Monday, April 14, 2014


We haven’t been posting for almost a whole month, and now we already have two postings, for the two days in the row. So if you have been following us on Facebook today, than you were already able to see some our fave Coachella styles, but now is the time for the BEST OF series, part one. And yes, Coachela Music & Arts Festival continues next weekend as well.  So we hope you’ll like our best of Coachella styles from the 1st weekend of Coachella and that you will come back after next weekend too. Than again, as you already know, we do love seeing your comments, shares and LIKES ♥

Coachella Festival Style Wknd #1

1elle-15-street-style-coachella-v-xln 2elle-04-diane-kruger-street-style-coachella-2014-v-xln 3elle-09-diane-kruger-street-style-coachella-2014-v-xln 4elle-11-diane-kruger-street-style-coachella-2014-v-xln 5tumblr_n403d4H2qH1rmfv8to1_500 6elle-25-street-style-coachella-v-xln 7tumblr_n402iw9DVa1rmfv8to1_500 8tumblr_n4020zblWV1rmfv8to1_500 9hbz-coachella-street-style-day3-08-lg 10hbz-coachella-street-style-day3-01-lg 11hbz-coachella-street-style-day2-07-lg 12hbz-coachella-street-style-day2-06-lg 13hbz-coachella-street-style-day3-14-lg 14hbz-coachella-street-style-day3-04-lg 15hbz-coachella-street-style-day2-22-lg 16hbz-coachella-street-style-day1-11-lg 17hbz-coachella-street-style-day1-15-lg 18hbz-coachella-street-style-day1-08-lg 19hbz-coachella-street-style-day2-11-lg 20hbz-coachella-street-style-day2-28-lg 21hbz-coachella-street-style-day2-32-lg 22hbz-coachella-street-style-day3-10-lg 23hbz-coachella-street-style-day3-06-lg 24hbz-coachella-street-style-day3-12-lg


First six images via US edition by Alex Kocev/

All other images via tumblr and by Craig Arend for Harper’s Bazaar US 

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