Ana Maria Cajner by Karmen Poznic for Grazia Croatia June 2013

by Saturday, June 15, 2013

Since I personally am a fashion contributor for Grazia croatian edition I wanted to share with you their newest editorial for the June issue. The star of the June edition “My Africa” editorial is young and up and coming croatian model, Ana Maria Cajner, who has been slowly building a successful career in Milan Italy, where she’s represented by the prestigious Women agency. The editorial is special, not only because it showcases the new star on the croatian and european modelling scene, but because it features young and up and coming croatian photographer and stylist of the shoot, as well as the clothing by young and new croatian fashion brand, TWINS by Begovic/Stimac. “My Africa” was shot by Karmen Poznic on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia and the team really managed to create the feeling of an exotic location, with some inspiring tribal prints and oversized necklaces and outfits, mostly by the TWINS brand.


   CREDITS (Images via Grazia and

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