Special Close Up on “House of Holland”

by Sunday, September 15, 2013


You’ve seen the House of Holland Spring 2014 collection via our Facebook page, where we’ve been informing you daily and showing you the complete coverage of London Fashion Week. But, since we’ve found House of Holland latest collection so much fun, we absolutely wanted to show you this BEST POST OF THE WEEKEND, from a different and much closer angle. And we are talking about special Beauty and Backstage Close up, as well as the obligatory Front row. And rarely has the front row been so much fun, especially with Harry Styles and Kelly Osbourne, who really stole the show and even matched the runway with their personal style. As far as the collection is concerned, we’ve seen whole loads of form fitting dresses, quirky trench coats and some pants with mashed up lace inserts, metallic brocades and pretty loud, but still so much fun picnic check prints. Coming back to the front row, it included the right mix of fashionistas, style icons and even rock stars, like Harry Styles, but also Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof and Leigh Lezark, who were enjoying the hip hop music, that served as the perfect runway musical backdrop. Another fun part happened, while Kelly Osbourne was giving the interview, and Kelly actually couldn’t believe how her purple hair in fact matched the print of the runway and even the collection’s color palette – “I had no idea. It’s the coolest thing ever,” Kelly has said after the show.

HOUSE OF HOLLAND Spring 2014 – Beauty & Backstage Close Up

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HOUSE OF HOLLAND Spring 2014 – Stars in the Front Row

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(Images by Wenn.com Getty Images Lia Toby Mail online House of Holland)

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