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by Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cro-a-Porter Campaign & Backstage

timeless campaign


After just finished fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan, today marks 9 long days of Paris Fashion Week. But, before we start covering one of the most glamorous fashion weeks in the world, we absolutely want to put the special spotlight on one of the most important fashion events in Croatia, CRO-A-PORTER, and that is coming up at the end of October. We also wanted to tell you a little bit more about the Cro-a-Porter latest campaign. The main idea behind the campaign, and the newest edition of CAP, was “timelessness in the world of beauty”. And it was only natural that the Cro-a-Porter team would include the word “TIMELESS”, as the main campaign claim word. They have also decided to introduce three generations of Croatian beauties. First one is a fashion model Zvona Vuckovic (56), a true veteran in the modeling business, already working on the international fashion scene, for almost 40 years now and still looking absolutely stunning. Another model is one of the most recognizable fashion faces and models in Croatia, Iris Rajcic (33), who has been walking down the most important fashion runways in Croatia for quite some time and continues to work successfully on the Croatian fashion scene. The youngest generation of Croatian beauties, has been represented by young and up and coming model, Valentina Kuzmic (19), (Talia model), that has already been making some first important steps on the International Fashion Scene, while participating on the latest London Fashion Week and doing some shows for the Spring 2014 season. You can take a closer look at Cro-a-Porter fashion campaign and backstage images down below. Make sure to save the date first and follow us between 23rd and 26th of October, when we’ll be covering our favorite shows and designers, mostly via our Facebook page.


Zvona Vuckovic for Shwarzkopf  CRO-A-PORTER “Timeless” 4schwarzkopf_cro_a_porter_timeless_3

 Iris Rajcic

Valentina Kuzmic


Schwarzkopf CRO-A-PORTER “Timeless” – BACKSTAGE
6CAP-timeless - IRIS-7CAP-timeless Valentina-8CAP - timeless -backstage



(Images Cro-a-Porter PRESS)

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