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by Thursday, October 2, 2014

Etna Maar at Cro-a-Porter “Avantgarde”


After worldwide fashion month, that just finished yesterday in Paris and on that very day, one of the most respected and already iconic fashion events in Croatia, Cro-a-porter, has opened its doors as well. The organizers have dedicated their first day to some AVANTGARDE collections this season, presented on location, at Zagreb Car Museum “Ferdinand Budicki”. Then again, before we show you some of the runway looks by ETNA MAAR, we wanted to show you their latest campaign as well. Their newest campaign “The One” was produced by, and the campaign was presented just couple of days prior to the eighth appearance of Etna Maar’s designer, Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik, at Cro-a-Porter. The main model, and the face of newest campaign, is a beautiful Talia Model, Ivana Severinac, while the campaign was shot by a fashion photographer, Karmen Poznic. All women team was completed with Tena Basic, in charge of Make-up, and Nina Dundur, responsible for the Hair Style.


Etna Maar “The One” – show finale at Cro-a-Porter “Avantgarde”6-95612968ad68171c8e06898b16417d3  

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ETNA MAAR FW 2014/15  

New collection, by Croatian fashion studio Etna Maar, was inspired by the movie “Matrix”. And just like the main Keanu Reeves’s character Neo, designer Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik went into an imaginary fashion “battle” with the machine, that in this case dictates, what must be worn this season. Andrijana’s new collection is symbolically named “The One” and is aimed for everyone who refuses to obediently follow trends, or to all of the ones who don’t want to be a part of a bigger collective group. Collection appeals to all of the fashion rebels out there, who use the current trends, but only to be inspired by them and in order to interpret them in their very own way. Collection includes some rich knitted fabrics, made out of effective wool yarn – which is Etna Maar’s trademark. It also features some long coats and dresses, that pretty much look like sculptures. Main colors are black, gray and petroleum green, while the materials, used for the collection, are wool, neoprene, cotton and artificial fur, with all basic clothing items such as t-shirts, camisoles, or tights. Within the collection, there’s an interesting moment, that designer has used, and it is a programming code print of Etna Maar’s website.


Schwarzkopf Cro A Porter AvantGarde 011014 8c84ab3745d64b77fd6e86ceb79b43e0 9e5aea8815f6a825cb700dff818172f15 Schwarzkopf Cro A Porter AvantGarde 011014




Campaign images Karmen Poznic 

Model Ivana Severinc (Talia Modeli)

Make Up Tena Basic 

Hair Style Nina Dundur 


Runway Images (via, Bruno Konjevic/CROPIX x 


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