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by Friday, October 25, 2013

Fave looks, best moments & backstage


We have been following Cro-a-Porter collections and also posting via Facebook, but right after very exciting first day, with pretty cool collections from JET LAG, MANUEL MALIGEC and VAIN, not to forget magical MATIJA VUICA, yesterday was a second day of the shows. But it was only ONE GIRL who has definitely stole the show and it is Croatian model and TV personality, based in Milan, NINA MORIC, who together with that adoring Ricky Martin LIVIN LA VIDA LOCA tune was the main inspiration behind the latest ELFS FW2014  collection. You can see our fave looks on TFO Facebook page, but as a SPECIAL POST DU JOUR we have decided to give you yet another SPOTLIGHT. We are pretty sure how most of you have seen, now already legendary LIVIN LA VIDA LOCA video by Ricky Martin, featuring Nina, video that gain her worldwide attention and success as a model. This tune and video has simply become iconic and so has Nina Moric’s role in it. And as we already mentioned, Nina is Milan based model, show girl and TV personality, while as of recently she also became a co-designer for the Italian fashion house Anton Giulio Grande.


TXT OPENING- livin-la-vida-loca-tako-to-rade-slavni-elfs-i-i-nina-moric-900x600-20131042-20131025083831-aebb0f9c95fbba2648ee806bed085c67

2thumbnail 3nina moric1livin-la-vida-loca-tako-to-rade-slavni-elfs-i-i-nina-moric-400x600-20131042-20131025091912-4e094ee0ba1e810c74f54c65b4b799b3 4livin-la-vida-loca-tako-to-rade-slavni-elfs-i-i-nina-moric-400x600-20131042-20131025083859-58ada9116c92a0eaf4d5ecc7efc57bd4 5img_9846 6img-cap-nina 7livin-la-vida-loca-tako-to-rade-slavni-elfs-i-i-nina-moric-900x600-20131042-20131025083758-53c88a3834ce70cecf80fd621db9f0e7 8img_9865 9HOMEOPENINIG-livin-la-vida-loca-tako-to-rade-slavni-elfs-i-i-nina-moric-900x600-20131042-20131025083824-06b90d7fbb11094e8f5ad82535ec2101 10livin-la-vida-loca-tako-to-rade-slavni-elfs-i-i-nina-moric-900x600-20131042-20131025083811-bfe13f61f7bab3250b82ed257a038893 11img_9855__a27 12img_9860


ELFS FW 2014 – Backstage with Nina Moric

13nina for elfs 14nina loves elfs 15nina with elfs



Livin La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin



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