Milan Fashion Week Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2014

by Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dolce and Gabbana went back in time, for their classical inspired, new Spring Summer 2014 collection. Most of the prints featured classical scenes of ancient Roman ruins and statues and were included on everything from polo shirts to tank tops, even to suits and most of the looks were paired with a variety of leather Roman sandals. Than again, aside from casual sporty separates with quite a lot  stripe printed patterns, we have also seen quite a lot of well cut suits, that we all know are very well known and so typical for Italian design. Even though I am still thinking about if  they are going to manage in bringing back those double breasted suits, but I did find single breasted black tuxedo with velvet lapels, that was worn with matching black shirt, again so typical for Italian style, quite cool, especially because there was no bow tie.



The designer duo has also shown quite a few silk made suits, that were made in an interesting color pallette of pale gold, bronze, light blue and even bright red and they did use quite a lot of differently shaped stripes, that were often paired with bare torso, or with some roman theme inspired printed tops.



I must say though, how the new collection is a bit of a departure from strictly Sicilian inspired prints and I do think the collection is going to be a success without a doubt, even though this famous Italian fashion house is facing some huge tax trouble at the moment, but these issues did happen before to a lot of other celebrities and professional athletes as well. So we are pretty much sure, how at the end, everything  is going to be handled somehow.



EXCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE – Dolce and Gabbana Spring Summer 2014


Until than, we have chosen our fave looks from the main Dolce & Gabbana show and again our dear fashion colleague, who is in Milan right now, Katerina Brans, was assisting the Makeup team and gave us some pointers on how the true Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2014 Man beauty look has to be. She explained, how for all the 67 real boys/models from Sicily, the makeup had to be very natural and minimal. It was also mportant to unify the shades of the skin on chest, neck and cheeks, while the Sicilian boys/models were not shaved, but  just had to have their eyebrows groomed with obligatory moisturized lip. 



Dolce and Gabbana – Stefano and Domenico


Overall we did like the show and are looking forward to hear from you too.


CREDITS (Show images via Vogue Paris and Exclusive Backstage RIGHTS RESERVED)

Article by Martina Begovich for The Fashion Obsession 



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