Gucci Menswear Spring Summer 2014

by Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For the newest Gucci Menswear Spring 2014 collection it was almost all about the flowers and we are pretty sure, besides the Gucci archives where Ms Giannini found the inspiration for those lovely prints, she has most likely found this romantic inspiration in her newborn daughter Greta as well, that was born on March 2nd this year. Like we’ve  just mentioned, the collection had quite a lot of flower prints, that you could have seen embroidered everywhere, like on the cotton knitred sweaters, as well as on pants, T-shirts and on reinvented Mackintosh raincoat. Floral prints were also used on silk jumpsuits and on latest Gucci jacket, which is so similar to a sporty shirt, look so popular right now. Of course, Ms Frida didn’t move away from the Gucci classic blazer and those iconic riding pants, that are so significant for the brand, but they were presented with a funky twist and with double color riding patches. Gucci Summer 2014 color palette is pretty mellow, I must say and it included neutral white, grey and beige as well as blue and bordeaux, all of that mixed with contrasting military green, coral and yellow. The newest items for the Spring 2014 collection though, that were presented on the show, are classic leather sneaker, which accompanied every single outfit and oversize weekend bag, which you can use as a shopper and a maxi back pack. In three words – WE LOVED IT!






For the last collection, that we are going to report from Milan, we asked our dear fashion friend, Katerina Brans, who was assisting on the main Gucci Makeup team, for few impressions. Here, some images that can give you the idea on how the real GUCCI Spring 2014 man has to be. So for our dear TFO fans and followers Katerina has explained, how besides the Gucci collection being beautiful overall, the skin had to look pure and appear polished, like with no make up at all, but with au naturelle, well groomed eyebrows.


GUCCI Beauty Spring 2014

Gucci Spring 2014 Show


Let us know how did you like the GUCCI show, we can’t wait to hear what you think 🙂

CREDITS (Show images Vogue Paris and Exclusive Backstage by TFO)

ARTICLE by Martina Begovich for TFO

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    • Tina
      June 25, 2013

      Everything is so romantic! Pants are GREAT!

      • TFO
        June 25, 2013

        Yee, loved it too*

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