All eyes on Cara & Hudson

by Tuesday, January 21, 2014

goofing around w cara Chanel HC Paris

After seeing all the looks for the Kaiser Karl’s CHANEL Haute Couture Spring 2014 Show in Paris, it was only natural and we just had to cruise around the webTwitter and Instagram, in order to find the coolest and most adorbs pics with Bride to be Cara (Cara’s role just for the latest Chanel HC Show) and her main partner in crime the sweetest Lagerfeld’s godson, Hudson Kroenig, who has become a main mini model at the Couture Chanel Shows, for the last few years now. We’ve also found pretty good selection of photos and we are pretty sure you will love checking these candid runway and backstage Chanel snaps and moments with us too. So sit back, relax, comment, share or like, but most of all ENJOY!

Goofing around with Cara & HudsonCHANEL HC Spring 2014

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Instagraming & Backstaging with Cara

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(Instagram Twitter daily mail Getty Images)

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