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by Friday, March 27, 2015


Perfect Hair Style with GHD gadgets & Products

While working in the fashion industry, I have met some amazingly talented people along the way. And few years ago, when I was doing a cover story for Grazia Serbia & Montenegro edition, with model and actress, Nina Senicar, previously based in Milan, and now, for the last couple of years, in L.A. and Hollywood, it was then, when I first started becoming friends with super talented Make Up & Hair Stylist from Milan, Elisa Rampi. She has been on the Italian beauty and fashion scene for many years now and she has been working with all the top celebrities, models, bloggers, actors and actresses on their different projects, from TV, movies, film festivals, but has also worked with all the best fashion magazines, events, fashion weeks, mostly on Italian and also International fashion scene. So when I have organized yet another project for Grazia magazine, with super talented and internationally known, Tamu Macpherson, who was back than still a Editor-in-Chief for  (digital edition of Grazia Italia) and now, mainly a Creator and Director of her own, very successful All The Pretty Birds blog and fashion web site, I invited Elisa to be a Make Up Artist for the shoot. And I must say, am so thankful that Elisa was able to join me, for that very important project. We obviously remained very good friends ever since and with some pretty big fashion projects, that are coming my way, hopefully there will be more opportunities to work together again. Since Elisa truly is one of the best Make Up Artists & Hair Stylists I have worked with.

GHD & Paul Mitchell products & gadgets

So you can imagine my luck, when couple of weeks ago, I received a super big surprise and magical present from Elisa, that has arrived in one single day from Milan, and just for me. Elisa has actually been a beauty ambassador for different brands, that she mainly works with. And she mostly works with Revlon, when she does Make Up projects, and GHD and Paul Mitchell  when she works on Hair Style projects. So, while she was working at the Venice Film Festival last year, she was a part of GQ Magazine and  GHD beauty team, and it’s then, when she has been telling me about those products, and some of them have caught my eye as well. Little did I know, that less than a year later, I would be a lucky girl to use and recieve some of those products at my very own home. But before I show you some of the products and gadgets Elisa has sent me, I gotta tell you, you absolutely MUST CHECK OUT & VISIT her Rouge Nuances blog, which is her personal vision of best  Beauty, Make Up & Hair Styling world.

ghd Limited Edition Bird of paradise V Coral Styler

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ghd Style Final Fix & Final Shine hairspray

8ghd style final fix hairspray9-1352470339-5801747_Maingroup-white-r18bd19d9d889dd237bbcf8c1d3bf942c

Paul Mitchell Forever Blond Dramatic Repair


Paul Mitchell “awapuhi” Sea Texturizing Spray

11texturizing-sea-spray-480x480 12Oct11ProductsAwapuhiLanding 13Stylelanding

This is only a special  selection of the best GHD & Paul Mitchell products & gadgets that I have received from Milan, but there were some more of hair style products, like Super Charged Moisturizer, Instant Daily Shampoo, Silky Sensual Fluid, and even some professional hair brushes that I have received as well. But I do highly recommend you the ones that I’ve selected and that you can see in this SPECIAL BEAUTY MAGIC post. AND OF COURSE, SPECIAL &  BIG THANK YOU to my dear friend Elisa Rampi for this super lovely gift and surprise that she has sent me!


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