Wednesdays are for INSTAGRAMING AROUND

by Wednesday, October 16, 2013

HOMETXTOPENINGInstagraming wednesday

Don’t know about you, but we usually do INSTAGRAMING AROUND on Mondays or on Weekends, but since this Wednesday just has the feeling of a Monday, I’ve decided to do MIDWEEK INSTAGRAM ROUNDUP. Another important thing and that you will notice right away on our Instagram faves, is an image of Doutzen Kroes who is wearing the special tee #WatchHungerStop, dedicated to a project started by Michael Kors joined directly by Hollywood Oscar girl, Halle Berry and many more celebrities, but you can contribute as well. Today is a World Food Day, so everyone from the walks of fashion, beauty, showbizz and all over business world has joined in, but like I said earlier you can join in and show your support too – for more info just click here, which is a direct link at World Food Program foundation site, where you’ll find all the necessary info. If you don’t have a special Michael Kors tee, you can also join in, simply by sharing the hashtag with #WatchHungerStop and show your support for such an important cause via all the Social NetworksFacebook, Twitter or Instagram. EVERYONE’S VOICE IS IMPORTANT!

Doutzen Kroes in #WatchHungerstop #MichaelKors tee

0michael kors tee

 Instagraming around – Midweek Roundup

1j fonda and doutzen 2cora and josephine 3side braids 4rosie hw 5iza goulart 6kerr 7smalls j 8cora e 9models goofing around 10toni garn 11emily di donato 12refaeli


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