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by Sunday, January 10, 2016

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We have been hit by some pretty heavy snow over here in Europe, for the past couple of weeks. Since this weekend though, the rain started falling instead and snow has slowly been fading away (thank god). The temperatures are going to be rising and it’s time to think about the transitional looks and what to wear, besides the heavy coats, or underneath them for that matter. The trending piece, that has been going pretty strong for the moment, are maxi cardigans, which you can style in a lot of different ways. One of the coolest and hippest styling directions is belting it, or cinching your cardigan with some cool belts to be exact. You can obviously wear it in a loose manner, decorated with equally long scarf, or button it up from top to bottom. It obviously all depends, if you are wearing it with some tights, jeans, or with, what has also been trending right now, pretty tight, almost second skin like dresses, worn with long and loose cardigans, or vests. And last, but not least, you can wear your cardigan with some laid back maxi dresses, that could be slight bit longer, than a cardigan you are wearing. But, to get some real ideas, first of all, we’ve selected three looks from ZARA, H&M and MANGO (Zara and Mango ones currently on SALE), for which you can shop for right away (either through their respective web shops, or directly in the stores). Second of all, we’ve also prepared a vast selection of maxi cardigan inspired looks you can check out, as well as choose your fave one, in our gallery above.


Shop the “TFO Selection” Looks


ZARA Long “Cardigan like” Knitwear Coat – > BUY 0aZARA LONG KNITWEAR COAT6873120803_1_1_1


H&M Long Loose Cardigan -> BUY0bHM LONG LOOSE CARDIGAN


MANGO Striped Cardigan -> BUY




Gallery Looks via Pinterest, tumblr, Asos, Google Images,

Shopping Looks via ZARA, H&M, MANGO

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