There’s only one KATE

by Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Everybody is obviously talking about Kate Moss, especially today, on her Birthday. But, before we show you some of our fave snaps of Kate, we also wanted to share with you a few fun facts and trivia about everyone’s favorite britt Supermodel ever,  that you might have not known by now. So, here we go – Miss Moss was actually discovered in 1988 at JFK airport, when she was only 14 years old. Than, Kate’s first Calvin Klein contract was worth a woppin 1.2 million dollars. And speaking about contracts and covers, she has appeared on over 300 magazine covers, while on British Vogue Cover, 33 times. In 2007 with an estimated earnings of 9 million dollars, Kate came in 2nd on the Forbes Top models list. Plus this fun fact, that you most likely didn’t know (or maybe you did to), Kate had to buy her own engagement ring, since Mr Jamie Hince couldn’t afford it at the time. To finish off  these fun facts in style, Mr Manolo Blahnik made her blue-soled wedding shoes 5 times, in order to make sure they were perfect. And now, TFO SPECIAL SELECTION of  some of our fave Kates’ PICS. ENJOY and report back on how did you like it, or simply share and like. We love hearing from you though, so we love reading your comments via Facebook, but we do look forward to hearing from you, on our web site as well 🙂 


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