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by Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It’s all because of Carrie & Patricia Field

If there’s an era that keeps trending and coming back (for the last few seasons now), it most certainly is the 90’s era. Then again, if there are fashion looks, that we continue to love and adore, they absolutely do come from the beloved TV Show, Sex and the City. And it is all because of two women. First one obviously is a brilliant costume and fashion designer, as well as a fashion stylist, Patricia Field and another one is the adoring SATC central character, Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw, who was wearing all of those creations, Patricia Field was choosing for her (through out the six seasons and two movies). This time around though, we are going to be focusing on one trend only, that Carrie has often worn, both in the series and movies, and we are talking about the knee high and over the knee socks and stockings.

18SJP in over knee socks SATC series

Are you still worried about how to style this trend? No need to worry, there are many more street style and runway looks (that include the over knee & knee high socks), you can admire and choose from, in our selection above.


Images via tumblr, voguerunway,, pinterest, who what wear

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    • Ariana
      March 9, 2017

      I LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE over the knee socks. I have lots of them and I wear them every where I go.there is no thing that force me to not wear or buy over the knee I wear them even in university!

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