Tatjana Dragovic for L’Uomo Vogue

by Sunday, February 2, 2014


One of the reasons why I had to make this post is, ‘coz I’ve been seeing these amazing throwback fashion images with croatian top model Tatjana Dragovic, on many tumblr Pinterest and fashion sites lately and NOT ANY of them had the credits with Tatjana included. These pretty spectacular images for L’Uomo Vogue, were actually shot by amazing fashion photographer Michel Comte, and that part is right, but the main model actually is Tatjana. Maybe it is all for the patriotic reasons only 🙂 but it had to be said, right. So, another 90’s model, starring in the Beauty and the Beast L’Uomo Vogue editorial, from 1996, appears in less images and her name is Jaime Rishar. We also thought, how on this freezing cold and rainy weekend, it seemed only appropriate to start dreaming about exotic locations like Africa. And we are pretty sure, how this editorial is going to take you there, at least in your mind. You should NEVER STOP DREAMING and make sure to scroll down, to see the complete editorial, with gorge Tatjana, shot on equally gorge location and with animal shots that will blow your mind. Before we finish off and we don’t know about you, but you should start GETTING READY for the Superbowl Sunday (you betcha, we are getting ready for the game tonight, with Bruno Mars performing as well).

Beauty & the Beast – Tatjana Dragovic by Michel Comte for L’Uomo Vogue 1996

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Jaime Rishar – Beauty & the Beast L’Uomo Vogue 1996

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(L’Uomo Vogue Michel Comte Instagram wolfcubchronicles.com )

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