Supermodel support

by Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Maybe that was the key, why Brazil had so much luck in playing so well for the last few games,  having their’s most beautiful women being present at the stadiums, plus showing off the pics via their social media accounts (okay we know it wasn’t really that). And if you think more about this idea, Croatia actually has pretty good looking WAG’s, so  I wonder, why weren’t they more active via social media and especially Instagram (like that would have helped, but still, you gotta try everything right*). In fact, only one who, let’s say was doing something similar, was a former WAG herself, starlet, singer and a book author, Nives Celsius, who even shot a parody music video, TAKE ME TO BRASIL, that got attention via Internet all around the globe. That didn’t help either though 🙂 ‘coz we still got send out home last night, but that video, including our team bathing naked in a hot tub got the world wide attention. Croatia was playing against Mexico in their final game, on the FIFA World Cup 2014, but we certainly can’t seem to get a break since 1998 and yet again, we still weren’t able to pass through the next round. But, like Niko Kovac, Croatian National Football Team coach, said – life goes on!

Supermodel Support

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Images selected by TFO with collage by TFO


Izabel Goulart, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bundchen, Fernanda Motta

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