David & Kate

by Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fashion Icons by Ellen Von Unwerth


Even though it has been a week, I have been so taken by the sudden passing of the “Thin White Duke” (one among many other alter egos), known to the world as David Bowie. And I just can’t stop watching documentaries, all available interviews, and listening to his music, for the whole past week. While searching for some fashion inspiration though, I’ve also stumbled upon these gorgeous images, shot by the equally legendary fashion photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth, and I had to share them with you. It is a shooting from back in 2003, when Ellen Von Unwerth shot David & Kate for the Q Magazine October edition, which has even more significant meaning now, since David is no longer on this earth (at least physically that is, but his music and his spirit is everywhere I would say). The shooting is celebrating a very meaningful and special friendship, between David and Kate. Kate has just celebrated her birthday, this past Saturday January 16th, (like David has celebrated his last birthday, on January 8th) and the main theme for her birthday celebration obviously was – David Bowie. As a matter of fact, the whole world has been in mourning, and a lot of fashion, lifestyle and music magazine writers and critics have written some amazing articles about David, but what I wanted to do is, just share few thoughts of mine and celebrate his influence on fashion, art and style. I’ve actually seen him in concert in the 90’s, and am so happy to have the memory of seeing him perform LIVE. He certainly is someone, who has left such an impact (all around the globe) with his special approach to creating musical performances, that were pretty much art in their own right, as well as in creating his unique music, that has touched so many generations, over the last five decades span, and the world will never forget him. Rest in heaven, sweet angel.


0David-Bowie-Kate-Moss-Ellen-von-Unwerth-Photoshoot_04-706x1024 0David-Bowie-Kate-Moss-Ellen-von-Unwerth-Photoshoot_13-708x1024



Q Magazine October 2003

Photography by Ellen Von Unwerth


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