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by Thursday, August 7, 2014



Stay warm & colorful – BENETTON Collections FW 14/15

There are three versions of the same BENETTON style, rooted in a very Italian approach to dressing, not mundane, always restrained, polished and never excessive. The young  United Colors of Benetton woman has a triple soul, she is sophisticated, urban and young. The sophisticated chooses elegantly refined clothes, the urban has a busy life and prefers a more informal look, and the young one has all the dynamism of youth and keeps a keen eye on trends without being a  fashion victim. Three incisive, feminine nuances that co-exist in the United Colors of Benetton collection and in the wardrobe of the same woman who can choose what suits her the best and makes her feel totally at ease whatever the occasion.



United Colors of Benetton’s SOPHISTICATED woman brings her love of quality, well-fitting clothes to the city life, with a style that’s never boring, in line with fashion but interpreted to suit her own taste and strong personality.  A sober colour palette of mostly dark shades, especially black, sees minimal dresses featuring white macramé sleeves, ladylike cardigans with lace details, flared skirts in double technical fabric or the powder pink jacket that emphasizes the shoulders whilst the lace-effect sweater in lighter than light mohair gives a glimpse of sophisticated lingerie details.   Tapestry patterns for tailored outerwear, brocade for cigarette trousers and the dresses with ton sur ton jacquard patterns, whist herringbone borrowed from the male wardrobe features on the dresses and coordinating coats.

THE URBAN Benetton Woman

2autumn14_woman_man_14 3autumn14_woman_man_19 4autumn14_woman_man_16

United Colors of Benetton’s URBAN range is designed for a woman who loves practicality and chooses highly versatile pieces. Starting with the many coats and jackets perfect for a day at the office but elegant enough for an evening out with friends. Clean lines are seen on the zipped animal print or pastel color coats with a pencil fit, whereas the Sixties-influenced coat with a martingale on the back, and also for those brightened by fun colors coats can be seen in orange, bright blue, purple or cyclamen.

THE YOUNG Benetton Woman

4autumn14-_woman_man_11 5autumn14_woman_man_55 6autumn14_woman_man_58

United Colors of Benetton’s YOUNG range is designed for a young, dynamic woman. The wide range of fleeces, the long, fluid skirt or the sweaters with sequins decorating patches or outlining letters on the front, mixed with camouflage leggings, is an expression of her youthful personality, cheerful even in a rainy autumn.  The honey-coloured eco-fur is worn over the floral dress, while the military-style hooded parka, which also comes in a duffle coat, can be paired with tops and mini kilts in a mix and match of fun prints. Knitwear, featuring numbers borrowed from American sports in fur-effect yarn is worn with slim fit trousers, including jeans. Lots of printed t-shirts, evergreen cable knit sweaters and cosy oversized cardigans for a grungier look

BENETTON MAN Fall Winter 2014/15


A collection that makes quality one of its hallmarks. United Colors of Benetton understands the requirements of those who choose its clothes from season to season, people who are completely in tune with the times, who have a busy life, men and woman who need comfortable, versatile clothes with a natural elegance. The United Colors of Benetton Fall collection meets these needs with clothes where style for all occasions, the choice of materials and meticulous details and finishes are emblematic of the Italian approach to dressing. Autumn means a return to the city, but the urban environment will be lived with an attitude that blends essentiality, a relaxed but dynamic spirit and refined taste.



Knit-Cult. Benetton’s Iconic Knitwear

 What makes Benetton a universal, timeless brand? Its vocation for being one step ahead, cool and innovative. Today as in the past. Some of its cult sweaters launched on the market in the Seventies and Eighties still have incredible appeal. Benetton has brought them bang up to date using fine cashmere and soft angora mix yarns.

BENETTON KIDS FW 2014/15 – Stay warm & happy


 What shall I wear for the first day of school mom?  

 A new diary, a new backpack, notebooks and coloured pencils … but also a wardrobe of colorful, chic and sporty clothes waiting to be discovered. Designed by United Colors of Benetton to give the best of quality to kids all over the world!





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