Ridiculously Gorgeous

by Tuesday, June 10, 2014

0Cover-Adriana Lima for Vogue Italia June 2014

Ridiculously Gorgeous  is the name of the latest cover story with Supermodel Adriana Lima, for Vogue Italia June issue, shot by one and only Steven Meisel. And I can’t even find the words, for how much I love love love love the styling done by Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele, who is an absolute queen of mix and match, especially of sporty, bling, hip hop and out of the ordinary, but still amazing style. So if you ask me, that is how I imagine cool sporty fashionista should look like, okay maybe with little bit more laid back hairstyle for every day life, but still, I just simply can’t get enough of so many items, I would totally digg and go to shop for, like right now!

Adriana Lima by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia June 2014

1Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-01 2Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-09 3Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-03 4Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-02 5Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-04 6Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-15 7Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-06 8Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-16 9Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-07 10Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-08 11Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-11 12Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-12 13Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-13 14Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-14 15Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-10 16Adriana-Lima-Vogue-Italia-Steven-Meisel-05 17Ridiculously Gorgeous Vogue Italia June

Vogue Italia June 2014 – COVER by Steven Meisel with Adriana Lima



Magazine: VOGUE Italia June 2014

Supermodel: Adriana Lima 

Photography: Steven Meisel 

Fashion editor: Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele

Hair Style: Guido Palau for Redken

Beauty: Pat McGrath for Dolce & Gabbana Make Up; Manicure: Jin Soon Choi for JINsoon 

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