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by Friday, January 29, 2016

Sisley Spring Summer 2016


British singer Skin, lead vocalist from the band Skank Anansie, has been announced as the new face of Sisley’s Sring/Summer 2016 campaign. The campaign was shot in a photo booth and pays tribute to the pre-selfie era. Skin has commented about the campaign, “I admired the courage of a brand, such as Sisley, in choosing a personality like me, for its advertising campaign. And I loved the idea for the shoot, it has real character. I’m a rock singer, so movement and energy are my essence.” Skin’s co-star, for the shoot, was model Reuben Ramacher, who represents an androgynous mix between the “Seventies Mick Jagger” and the David Bowie of the “Heroes era”. After all, Skin has always been a personality with an “original” background who has lived her life without filters, whether it’s on stage or in her personal life.  Skin (her real name is Deborah Anne Dyer) has always loved wearing black – “in a thousand shades, from glossy to dusty” – the “color” that has always been a key feature of Sisley style as well. “I’ve always loved this gender fluidity. It’s no coincidence that my muses have been women like Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Patti Smith and Grace Jones. I love wearing men’s suits with a feminine cut or a sexy lingerie dress with high heels”. In conclusion she just perfectly personifies the brand’s mood.  Which is personal, provocative mix of sexy femininity and energy, an untamed touch combined with an unexpected intensity, a style that goes beyond trends, rock, sophisticated and cutting edge.   





PRESS SISLEY – Benetton Agency 


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