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by Monday, August 1, 2016

Clothes for Humans – United Colors of Benetton Fall 2016


Clothes for humans is the brand new United Colors of Benetton product and marketing philosophy, launched this summer. The latest campaign will in fact be the unifying force behind the brand’s three main strategies – a global campaign, a brand new website and a series of in-store initiatives and materials, including the “magalog”, a hybrid between a magazine and a catalogue, that will be distributed in all Benetton stores worldwide. Reflected by the three new product lines, the clothes for humans philosophy comes to life as a creative platform characterized by a core idea that Benetton explores – which are the most honest and most “human” moments of emotion, that are relevant to the clothing itself, all combined through a fresh and quirky approach. Both, the idea and the tone of voice, will be applied across each of the brand’s communications channels (magazine, digital, social media platforms, stores and worldwide out of house events). Three product lines, like all of the future collections, are revolving around knitwear, one of three brand pillars, that Benetton intends to focus on, and add value to through all its activities in general. The other two lines are, color and social commitment oriented, which are also main part of the brand’s original heritage.


5BENETTON_CFH_AW16_GLOBAL_BUILD_SP-724x1024Benetton Clothes for Humans Fall 2016 – new campaign


Benetton Stores will change the current design direction as well, while the design and communication materials will evolve, to turn the shopping experience itself, into a truly human moment, in which everyone – especially young women – will be able to isolate themselves from the background noise of status updates and filtered photos, and eventually reconnect to their own emotions, also thanks to Benetton clothes.


6BENETTON_CFH_AW16_GLOBAL_RAIN_SP-724x1024Clothes for humans campaign shows diverse, genuine & expressive real people


In Benetton Stores, customers will also be able to pick up the clothes for humans Magalog, a hybrid between a magazine and a catalogue, that continues Benetton’s long tradition of avant-garde editorial production. Inside the publication, Benetton’s collection images will be presented by in-depth photographic stories, about what people wear in different parts of the world, from where the first school uniform was born, to how women style their hijabs in Iran, and an eternal topic about, why boys usually wear blue, and girls wear pink.



 Magalog Kids Edition – Benetton quarterly publication 


Benetton will produce a quarterly publication dedicated to “the ways human beings are dressing”. “Magalog” will have an adult and kids edition, and it is also going to feature Benetton collection images, as well as editorial content about clothes from around the globe. All of the activity will be centered around Benetton’s new manifesto, which is – “We make clothes for humans that come in different colors, shapes and for humans that hold different beliefs. Humans that live their lives in different places. All humans”. Clothes for Humans hybrid publication, will select editorial content about clothes, showcasing not only what you see on the runway during fashion week, but what real people put on every day, before heading out the door. The latest Benetton clothes for humans campaign, both for adults and especially kids line, features everyone being portrayed in the pretty warm, contemporary and informal situations and environments, like two young siblings cutting each other’s hair, or kids sliding down the stairs, and two little girls drawing their art on the wall.


9BENETTON_CFH_KIDS_GLOBAL_DRAWING_SP-724x1024Clothes for Humans – Kids Campaign Fall 2016


Benetton Chief Product and Marketing Officer, John Mollanger has stated – the brand has a new strategy and it no longer aims to shock with its ads. Instead, it wants to engage more with customers on an emotional level and be more focused on the product itselfClothes for Humans campaign has the new aim therefore, to help increase the “respect” for the Benetton brand, and to celebrate “everyday moments and everyday emotions”. To achieve its aim, the Italian brand is stepping away from its famous and controversial approach to ads, that it use to have, back in the 80s and the 90s. In fact, the latest campaign has just been launched worldwide (online and offline) and the creative concept was applied through a series of short video episodes, distributed via all Benetton digital channels.



Clothes for Humans BENETTON  Adult Campaign Fall 2016

Creative Agency: 180 Amsterdam  
Theo Wenner
Julia Sarr Jamois
D Touch
Art Partner 

Clothes for Humans BENETTON Kids Campaign Fall 2016

Creative Agency: 180 Amsterdam 
Photography: Stefano Azario
Stylist: Jet Vervest
Production: Sarah Laird


Benetton Agency Trieste, Italy

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