Numbers are MAGIC

by Thursday, July 18, 2013

We are pretty sure you must have noticed this uber popular fashion trend, that has been still going strong for the last six months at least, that is unless you’ve been living under a rock (we are saying it with love of course*). And there’s most likely no fashion trendsetter, blogger or even a celebrity, who hasn’t embraced wearing the MAGIC NUMBER on their tee. The numbers have been actually present on tee’s, oversized jerseys and even on hoodies and dresses and literally every high street store, fashion brand or a label has produced their own version of this adored trend. This very fact ensures that the NUMBERS are here to stay, at least for some months to come. And just to remind you, how this particular trend actually started, not only 6 months ago, but couple of seasons ago, with everybodies fave fashion trendsetter and designer – Ms Isabel Marant. Big stir was also created with young New York fashion label, (that we totally fallen in love with) LPD New York, who’ve gotten super famous with their designers surname NUMBERED tee’s as well. Check out our fave looks, that we managed to to find, JUST FOR YOU, via our fave fashion sites, blogs and tumblr pages.


Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2012

CREDITS (tumblr song of style LPD Miss Vogue Australia Fashion Toast)



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