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by Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pre-Shopping Event


The new H&M Studio collection for Spring Summer 2016 has launched last week and was presented, both in Lubiana Slovenia on Monday and Zagreb, Croatia last night. The collection mixes adventure and glamour and is filled with relaxed bohemian styles, prints and layers, plus it features pieces from the high-street heavyweight looks and promotes functional but fashionable style. With sun-bleached shades and patchwork fabrics, the new H&M Studio range mixes function with femininity, effortless party pieces. Key pieces, that are an absolute must, are yarn-dyed stripe work wear blazers, patchwork jeans and oversized jumpers, but can we talk about a white leather moto-jacket that is my absolute fave. Before we show you TOP 5 of the very stylish ladies, that were attending the exclusive Pre-Shopping event in Zagreb last night, here are our TOP 3 fave pieces, from the collection itself.


H&M Studio SS 2016 – TOP 3 Fave looks1HM Studio SS 16 White Moto Jacket 2HM Studio SS 16 fave looks 3HM Studio ss16 faves


Stylish Guests & Event Organizing team

4HM Studio2_n


Make sure to check out our gallery above, for the up close look of the most stylish ladies at H&M Studio SS 16 Pre-Shopping event, held last night at H&M Store at Cvjetni Trg, in Zagreb, Croatia.  Plus, we have already picked our fave looks, now is your turn.



Images by John Pavlish x PRiredba Studio


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