Man Repeller – Seeking Love. Finding Overalls

by Monday, August 5, 2013

For all of you who have been following The Fashion Obsession via Facebook, or who have been following my fashion columns in Grazia Magazine International editions (Croatia and Slovenia), have most likely noticed, how Mrs Leandra Medine (and we do mean Mrs, since Leandra is young and super duper talented writer, trendsetter, blogger and and and, but yes it’s true – she’s already a Mrs and a married Mrs that is) absolutely IS – our FAVE american fashion blogger. Of course, now we can add a published author to that fashion blogger, writer, trendsetter list as well. So, if you’ve been living under a rock or sumthin 🙂 and MAYBE (and I do mean MAYBE, for gods sake) you haven’t checked out her blog yet, GO AND DO IT NOW – Manrepeller.


Just to add a bit more juice to this BEST POST OF THE DAY (that we publish once a day on our web site) and since I’ve been a fashion writer and journalist, for over a decade now, I must admit how, especially for the last couple of years, I’ve been super inspired with Leandras blog and it amazes me for real how many opportunities are available (IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND, HEART AND SOUL TO IT) on the other side of the Atlantic though 🙁 sigh sigh… So being in fashion journalism for quite a while now and since my early years in the biz, my main goal and objective always was, writing a book. Therefore, I wanna give BIG SHOUT OUT AND THANX to Leandra (HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS, Part #1 🙂 ) for being a quite an inspiration career-wise (and of course being an inspiration in making trends, writing great articles and being super funny, while doing all of that too). And than, another MORE THAN COOL COINCIDENCE IS – how Leandra’s book “Man Repeller – Seeking Love. Finding Overalls” (Grand Central Publishing) IS scheduled for release on September 10th (which is my B-day, my dear TFO friends). So you can only imagine, how I would be THE HAPPIEST fashion writer EVER, if I would attend the promotion of the book and exchange some cool tips and tricks of the trade in person (HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS LEANDRA, Part #2). On the more serious note 🙂 – what we can do for starters is, invite ALL OF YOU to make your PRE ORDER, coz’ this book is already a MUST READ, I’m tellin ya!


Making the COVER of the BOOK VIDEO


CREDITS (Images via Manrepeller and George Chinsee

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