Just before midnight mood – LIFE IS TOO SHORT, BUY THE SHOES!

by Thursday, September 26, 2013


After a super busy day, I only have little time for one JUST BEFORE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL POST DU JOUR. And as I always say – IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO BE INSPIRED BY SJP, aka Carrie. With the arrival of the new season I’m always into watching Sex and the City reruns (even though it is always a good time to watch Sex and the City reruns). So the thought that’s on my mind right now, very similar to Carries is, how there’s never enough time for so many beautiful shoes 🙂 – but, LIFE IS TOO SHORT, so when in doubt, you just gotta find time – TO BUY THAT PAIR OF SHOES YOU LIKE!

NEW YORK and Carrie (not to forget Mr Big) – Eternal inspiration

1Sex-and-the-City-9 (1) 2Sex-and-the-City-2 (1) 3Sex-and-the-City-4 4Sex-and-the-City-5 5Sex-and-the-City-3 6Sex-and-the-City-7 7Sex-and-the-City-9 8Sex-and-the-City-10 9Sex-and-the-City-11 10Sex-and-the-City-13 11Sex-and-the-City-17 12Sex-and-the-City-7 (1) OPENING-Sex-and-the-City-6

SJP aka Carrie

sjp rulez

Life is too short, BUY THE SHOES!

12buy the shoes


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