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by Thursday, August 8, 2013

Elle Evans Part #1


We have been announcing some new features, coming on TFO web site in the future. One of them is certainly going to bedoing some EXCLUSIVE interviews, with internationally known artists, stars, celebrities, designers, web influencers, editors and bloggers. We can already tell you how one of the first interviews, we are planning to do, is going to be with one of the IT MODELS, who is starring in the Robin Thicke’s Blurred lines video, together with Emily Ratajkowski and Jessi M’Bengue. The model we are talking about is a blond bombshell from the video, Elle Evans. We must mention, how the video has caused quite a stir all around the world, and mostly because (some might say) controversial scenes in the video. But when you consider a fact, how it has been viewed for more than 127,232 million times on You Tube, that is more than impressive number I would say, all that controversial, or non controversial stuff doesn’t really matter. That very fact has made the GIRLS from the video into most recognizable, and most sought after girls of the moment. Even though you must know as well, how all of the girls have already been working on their respectable careers in fashion, acting and music world. Before we publish our 2nd part of the story, and the interview with IT Girl and model Elle Evans, we invite you to check out our selection of images with Elle, from the video and her modelling projects as well.



Elle Ewans with Robin Thicke in the BLURRED LINES video 


Elle was born in Paris, Texas and she went from high school to traveling around the world, coming to L.A. and quickly landing a role in the Miley Cyrus’s music video, “Decisions”. Continuing her career as a model and an actress, but already having done high fashion magazine editorials and various national ad campaigns, we can already say, how she has landed her most important role by now, which is starring in the Robin Thicke’s latest hit music video, featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I., which has literally made her an absolute “It girl” of the moment.




(Images via Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter)

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