Summer fashion with Street Style Seconds

by Sunday, June 22, 2014

Girls in the city


If you are a big fan of street style, you most likely follow some famous fashion blogs, tumblr sites, or Instagram accounts, dedicated to that very global phenomenon. Since we also love following stylish street style web sites, both for the personal style inspiration and some styling ideas in general, we wanted to show you our selection of exclusive images, courtesy of one of the best street style web sites in Croatia, Street Style Seconds. Web site is curated by a former Cosmopolitan Croatian edition, Editor-in-chief, while all of the images are shot by one of the best Croatian street style photographers, Goran Cizmesija. He has been working in the fashion business for quite a while now and has  been working on some of the most important fashion projects in Croatia, but on some projects abroad as well. We totally love his photography style, but the images he shot on the streets of Zagreb, during the first day of summer, have quite impressed us. When you look at the ladies walking around the Zagreb city streets, you would think as if they were cruising on any of the streets in Milan, Paris, or New York. It is mostly thank to Goran’s amazing street style shots and the stylish ladies (and some gents), he’s been capturing with he’s camera around town. All of that proves a fact, how Zagreb certainly deserves being called (in our opinion) – the most stylish Croatian city and the fashion capital of Croatia.


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Selection of the fave looks by TFO

All Images Courtesy of Street Style Seconds 

Photography by Goran Cizmesija 

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