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by Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nick Wooster


If you are tumblr, fashion blogs, fashion magazine sites obsessed or shall we say, if you are an online fashion junkie 🙂 this uber stylish gentleman must have caught your eye. But just in case you were wondering who he was, we’ll tell all about him. This super stylish street style eye catcher, that you just can’t help but notice, is – Nick Wooster. More precisely, Mr Wooster is a Manhattan based Men’s Fashion Consultant and has been everybody’s fave menswear style icon for quite some time now. He was actually labeled by GQ Magazine as an Internet Superstar Fashion Director, but you must know how we are actually talking about a true veteran in fashion, who’s career firstly begun at Barney’s New York, where he was working as a buyer and then he proceeded working for the New York’s iconic Bergdorf Goodman, as well as working for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and John Bartlett, where he became a company president. Most recently, he was appointed as Men’s Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus. All of that was about 8 years ago, when in May of 2005, Mr Wooster began the successful Wooster Consultancy and has ever since had quite an impressive clientele, such as Thom Browne, Mac Cosmetics, Chaiken Clothing, to name a few. For the last couple of years though, he has become quite the fashion icon and an absolute internet phenomenon, where his unparalleled take (and we do mean it, since Mr Wooster’s style is just immensely unique) on tailored menswear graces the web pages of just about every single Men’s tumblr site, or a fashion blog there is.



And now, for some more curiosity if you will and I’m more than sure you will find it really interesting, especially if you didn’t know this fact, how Mr Nick Wooster has been another one’s, a bit younger fashion icon’s, fave go to for inspo  Style Icon as well. And yes, we are talking about David Beckham. Even though American style guru, Mr Nickelson Wooster, didn’t actually give an official statement yet, how he has been possibly offering some styling tips and advice to David. We all know, how pictures speak more than thousand words. We therefore suggest for you to check out all of the following images and decide for yourself. We absolutely think, how both of these gentleman are super stylish and we do appreciate, both of their personal styles.




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    • Tina Borelli Tkalcec
      August 11, 2013

      Wow! Very nice!

      • TFO
        August 11, 2013

        Totally agree 🙂

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