ashoo x Bijou Jewelry collection launch

by Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Exclusive Collaboration



TFO E-mag is honored to be the first fashion online magazine (in Croatia) to announce today, an exclusive collaboration, between two established Croatian and Zagreb based artisans, Anita Zannotti Stulec, very well known Shoes and leather goods designer, for the brand ashoo, and Dubravko Jagarinec, Master jeweler and Bijou brand jewelry designer. Inspiration for this exclusive collection of jewelry has come about, when Anita Zannotti Stulec was showcasing her Shootacchi project, at Zagreb Design Center, and was approached by the Bijou jewelry designer for collaboration. The collection has been in the making for a couple of months now, and was initially planned to launch for International Women’s Day, on March 8th, but with many local and international projects, Anita Zannotti Stulec has been working on, some in Italy and Paris, France as well, the collection has officially launched today. The main motif, of this exclusive jewelry collection, has been “a bow” and all of the pieces were made out of precious materials in gold, and some alternative materials, by the Bijou Jewelry designer, combined with different types of leather, strass and made in different color combinations, designed by Anita Zannotti Stulec.


SHOES + jewelry ashoo bijouashoo by Anita Zanotti Stulec x Bijou jewelry & Bow design on ashoo shoes


Ashoo x Bijou exclusive jewelry collection can be seen from today on, in Zagreb city center, at Frankopanska 5 street Bijou Studio, and will be available soon, at Marticeva 19 street Ashoo Studio as well. If you live in Zagreb, or if you are visiting the Croatian capital, and would like to buy the jewelry pieces (or shoes) you’ve seen here, simply click on the ashoo & Bijou Studio links in our article, to find out more info, and locate both shops and studios.


UNUTAR TEKSTA -1176795575687053_998896149_nashoo x Bijou exclusive collaboration and collection 


We are already in love with the whole collection and we can’t wait to try on these jewelry pieces and shoes as well. Feel free to send us some comments, or questions, and happy shopping!



ashoo by Anita Zannotti Stulec

Bijou jewelry Studio

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