Emily Ratajkowski for DIY Project Rag&Bone

by Thursday, October 17, 2013


As Rag& Bone designer duo says Emily is the “Perfect ambassador” and they were just thrilled with the results, while David Neville added how, “Miss Ratajkowski looks ‘really cool’ in the clothes”Emily actually follows in the footsteps of  Supermodels like Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova and Candice Swanepoel who also took part in a DIY campaign, which in this case sees Rag & Bone designers give their chosen model a digital camera, a bag of clothes and the instruction to interpret Rag & Bone JEAN campaign in their own individual way. So Emily decided for her friends Jenae Wilkens and Jenna Putnam to take the photos of Emily in her new Manhattan apartment, which was in the process of decorating during the shoot. “It’s an exciting and crazy transition time and I wanted to capture that by shooting basically in my empty apartment and around the city – it’s just a fresh start,’ Emily commented about the shoot. And we totally agree, she looks pretty stunning in these au naturele shots that capture the essence of the label as well as they showcase Emily’s very own beauty. When Rag & Bone’s designers saw the results they were thrilled, says the label’s Marcus Wainwright and he also added how “As a model and actress, Emily takes on roles and is given direction, but the beauty of the D.I.Y. Project is that the girl has free rein to do whatever she wants, so it was an opportunity for her to show how she sees herself.” Make sure to check out all the looks we’ve chosen for you as our faves. ENJOY!

Emily Ratajkowski for DIY Project – Rag & Bone JEAN

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(Rag & Bone)

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